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hit-air airbag system

hit-air airbag system

How to hit-air

The jacket with the Hit-air (Shock–buffering Protection System) is to be worn as an
outerwear when riding a motorcycle.

Onr-touch release

Re-assembling Hit-Air

Hit-air can be re-used repeatedly.
Unless it is damaged by the previous activation, it can be re-used byre placing the CO2 cartridge.

* Do not reuse the gas cartridge once used.
A CO2 cartridge with a hole at its bottom is unusable.


Key Box

The key ball requires considerable strength(30-35kg) to be pulled out and will not be released easily because of the elastic nature of the coiled wire , thus  the Hit-Air will not inflate under normally anticipated riding conditions including standing on pegs.


The key ball holds a compression spring and an interlocking needle in the key box.  
When the system is activated, the key ball comes out of the key box and a needle in the key box is released and punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to inflate the Hit Air immediately.

Y-type are small size and a lightweight key box.