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At the moment the key ball is pulled out from the key box, the airbag deploys instantly.

  1. As soon as the “activation distance” is reached, the Hit-Air is activated and the CO2 gas is sent into the air cushions so that it will provide protection from the shock of impact even before it is fully inflated.
  2. The CO2 gas cartridge and the “key box” area is covered by an ABS protector with buffer material to protect the rider’s breast from the projecting objects in case of an accident.
  3. After the airbag is inflated in full, the gas will leak out gradually. Depending on the amount of the pressure given to the airbag by the accident, a feeling of tightness may be felt but gradually subsides.
  4. The Hit-Air may not function properly, if there is a damage to the Hit-Air, cloth of the wear, air cushion, Velcro, zipper, buckle etc. If so, consult with an authorized dealer. The Hit-Air may not be repairable in some cases.

Key Box

Key Box B-type  Y-type

Key Box B-type

Key Box Y-type

Use the "one-touch release" for easy connection or disconnection of the "coiled wire" attached to the motorcycle and the "key ball" inserted in the "key box".

One-touch release / Coiled Wire

With a tensile strength of approximately 20kg-35kg by the “coiled wire”, the “key ball” comes out of the “key box”. Then a needle in the “key box” is activated and punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to inflate the Hit-Air instantly. The “key ball” can be pulled out from any direction.

  1. Whenever using the Hit-Air, make sure the red slide cover is in the ‘unlocked’ (up) position. To re-assemble the key box, the red slide cover is to be used to confirm that the key ball is properly set in the hole of the key box. If the key ball is not set in the hole properly, the red slide cover will not come down.
  2. When the red slide cover is in the ‘locked’ (down) position, the “key ball” cannot be released from the “key box”, then the Hit-Air will not be activated. This may cause an injury to the rider in case of an accident. Whenever using the Hit-Air, make sure the red slide cover is in the ‘unlocked’ (up) position.
  3. Do not take the "key box" apart or remove any parts.
  4. The unused gas cartridge must be screwed fully into the bottom of the screw hole. Screw an unused cartridge as indicated on the seal attached to the cartridge.If there is a problem with fitment, consult with an authorized dealer.

Air Cushion

  1. The air cushions are made of high quality strong urethane film to absorb and reduce the shock of impact as much as possible when they are swollen.
  2. The maximum pressure is about 30kpa(0.3kg/cm2) when the air cushion is fully inflated, but gradually decreases as gas comes out of the air cushion.
  3. The strength against breakage depends on the material of the jacket the material of the inner tube (urethane) and the strength of the stitch it also depends on the degree of impact, shape or hardness of the object the rider may hit after the Hit-Air inflates.
  4. The gas is sent from the “key box” to each air cushion through urethane tubing.

* The Hit-Air is designed to act as a shock absorber and may break depending on the shape of the object against which it strikes and also the extent of impact given.

CO2 Gas Cartridge


The gas cartridge contains CO2 gas.
When the “key ball” is released from the “key box”, a needle punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to let the gas go into each air cushion.

Do not reuse the gas cartridge once used.
Change it to a new one.
The seal at the bottom of an used cartridge is pierced with a hole.

  1. Keep and use at the temperature below 40ºC/104°F. Do not keep in the car where the temperature may go up high.
  2. Do not give the cartridge a strong shock.
  3. Do not heat the cartridge.
  4. Do not let corrosion form on the surface of the cartridge. If corrosion is noticed, replace it immediately.
  5. Confirm that the used gas cartridge is empty of gas before disposing.
  6. Do not cut or puncture the gas cartridge.
  7. The size (capacity) of the gas cartridge varies from model to model. Install the designated size (capacity for the model.*Visit "Replacement Gas Cartridges list" to find out the right size for the jacket.
  8. Use the gas cartridge for the Hit-Air only, and not for any other purpose.
  9. Use a Hit-Air CO2 gas cartridge only. Do not use any other one.
  10. Keep the gas cartridges out of the reach of children.
  11. Once the gas cartridge is installed, don’t attempt to turn, loosen or remove it.
  12. Screw the CO2 cartridge fully until it seats firmly in the key box but do not over tighten.