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A New concept of motorcycle jacket

In the case of an emergency, "hit-air" works just like the fire extinguisher in your home. To ensue maximum effectiveness spend a few minutes to make sure you are familiar with the correct set up!

Be sure to read this page before using and after re-assembling the Hit-Air.

Thank you for using the Hit-Air.
For your safety, peace of mind and correct use of your airbag jacket,
make sure that items ❶ -❻ are confirmed before use as follows:

◯Unless the Hit-Air is set correctly, it may not work or may cause a malfunction.
◯Once a CO2 cartridge is activated, it cannot be used again. Remove it from the
key box without fail.
◯Use a Hit-Air CO2 cartridge only. Do not use any other one.

❶A CO2 cartridge of the right size (capacity) for the model is installed.

The seal attached the cartridge shows its size (capacity).
The size (capacity) of the cartridge varies from model to model.
Make sure that the size (capacity) shown on the seal attached to the CO2 cartridge and that shown at the back of the key box cover are the same. (Some model has no size label attached)

If sizes shown as above are not the same, it may cause a malfunction.

*A description of the size label varies from model to model.
*If the right size for the model is not clear, check it against the Hit-Air catalogue, or visit our website.(“Replacement gas cartridge list”)

❷Sealed properly (No damage to the seal)

*No seal is attached in case re-assembling is done by yourself.
Unused CO2 cartridge and the key box are properly sealed at the time of shipment.(*The key ball is set)
*In some countries or regions, the hit-air is sold without the security-check-sticker on it. If this is the case, please make sure that an unused CO2 cartridge of the correct size is properly installed to the key box.

  • The right size (capacity) cartridge for the model is installed.
  • A CO2 cartridge is tightly screwed into the key box.
  • An used/empty cartridge should not be installed.

Re-assembling after the activation must be done in accordance with “Re-assembling Key Box”.
The key ball must be set only after the used/empty cartridge is removed from the key box

If the CO2 cartridge and the key box are not sealed or if the seal attached is torn at the time of the purchase of a new product, remove the cartridge and make sure that there is no hole at its bottom (at the screw end)

If there is no hole - it is an unused cartridge to be installed in the key box for use.

If a CO2 cartridge is screwed into the key box loosely, it may cause a malfunction.

A CO2 cartridge with no hole at its bottom is usable.
If there is a hole at its bottom, it is an used/empty one and not usable. Replace it with a new one.


A CO2 cartridge with a hole at its bottom is unusable.
*An unused cartridge is to be installed in accordance with “Re-assembling Key Box”

❸The red slide cover is lifted to the “unlocked”(up) position.(Only B-type, It is not in Y-type. )

Make sure that the red slide cover is not in the“locked(down)”position andthe key ball is not set as yet.  The red slide cover is a tool to confirm that the key ball is set properly during  the course of re-assembling.  It should always be in the “unlocked(up)” position except during the course of re-assembling.

The activation while the red slide cover is in the “locked(down)”position, may cause damage or a malfunction to the Hit-Air.

❹Is there any deterioration of the wire loop or the coiled wire?

If there are signs of wear and tear, replace it with a new one.
We recommend you to replace it in every one or two years.

❺A screw hole at the bottom of the key box is visible.

(The setting bolt is removed)
Make sure that the setting bolt has been removed from the key box.
The setting bolt is a tool to be used for setting the key ball into the hole of the key box for re-assembling.

The Hit-Air will not be activated if the setting bolt remains in the key box.  Make sure that the setting bolt is removed from the key box before using the Hit-Air.

❻A coiled wire is set properly.

Tie a knot tightly to fix a coiled wire to the motorcycle,
A knot works as the stopper to prevent the wire coming off when the Hit-Air is activated.

Without a knot, the wire may come off the Hit-Air at its activation and the airbag will not inflate.

Safety Precautions

  1. The Hit-Air will act as a buffer to absorb the shock of impact and reduce the risk of injury the rider who wears it. However, this does not imply or guarantee rider’s safety.
  2. The "Hit-Air" jacket is to be used solely for a rider's safety when riding a motorcycle and not for any other purpose.
  3. The "Hit-Air" jacket must fit well and be worn on the outside only.
  4. Use the gas cartridge of the same size and contents as before when replacing and confirm that there are no holes or tears in its seal.
  5. Do not take any parts of the Hit-Air apart.
  6. Remove sharp on pointed objects such as pins or pens from the jacket with the Hit-Air or from the underwear before wearing. They may damage the air cushion before or at the time of the activation and prevent the function of the Hit-Air.
  7. Keep open flames and cigarettes away from the jacket with the Hit-Air as holes or tears caused by them will prevent its function. Keep and use at temperatures below 40ºC/104°F. as the gas cartridge may burst at a high temperature.
  8. Disconnect the Hit-Air from the “coiled wire” at the “one-touch release (connector)” before dismounting the motorcycle. Otherwise, it may cause an accidental activation.
  9. Inspect the Hit-Air to determine if there is any damaged prior to wearing. If there is any damage, consult with an authorized dealer.
  10. To make sure the Hit-Air will function properly, take it to an authorized dealer for a maintenance check, once a year depending on frequency of use.
  11. Keep the Hit-Air by hanging up on a coat hanger. Do not fold or lay anything on it. Avoid high temperature and high humidity