For Horse Riding

hit-air airbag system

hit-air airbag system

Using One-touch Release

Connect the male connector at the end of the coiled wire attached to the saddle with the female connector attached to the key ball in the key box.
1. Hold the female connector and insert the male one. A clicking sound confirms that a connection has been made. Pull the male connector lightly to make sure that the connection has been made properly.
2. If you have difficulty making the connection, clean the male and
female parts thoroughly.
3.Change it for a new one, if the insertion cannot be made
properly. Insertion by force may cause a malfunction of the one-touch release.

Re-assembling Hit-Air

Airbag is reusable repeatedly after the deployment by replacing a CO2 cartridge,
if there is no wear and tear on the jacket/vest.

Screw the CO2 cartridge fully into the bottom until it cannot go any further.
Otherwise, a needle in the “key box” may not puncture the seal of the CO2 cartridge and  Hit-Air may not be activated properly.

Key Ball Tension

The key ball requires considerable strength(30-35kg) to be pulled out and will not be released easily because of the elastic nature of the coiled wire , thus  the Hit-Air will not inflate under normally anticipated riding conditions including standing on pegs.


Structure and Type of Key Box

With a tensile strength of approximately 30kg-35kg by the “coiled wire”, the “key ball” comes out of the “key box”.
Then a needle in the “key box” is activated and punctures the seal of the gas cartridge to inflate the Hit-Air instantly.
The “key ball” can be pulled out from any direction.